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These links are intended to assist connection with events, conferences and activities relevant to AFN subscribers.  

They are not intended to offer a compendium of all events that are available and users are encouraged to further enquiry using search engines.  They do not constitute endorsement or certification of the merit of any event or provider, and users need to rely on their own judgement in pursuing any arrangement in regard to those events.

The links on this page were correct and appropriate at time of posting.  No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy or appropriateness of information or content presented in any form on sites external to the AFN site.

AFN subscribers are invited to suggest other links for posting - advise by email.  
Posted events need to be directly related to the practice of facilitation.  
They should not include local networking gatherings, even where an open invitation is issued.
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Event Location

International Association of Facilitators (IAF) conferences:
IAF Oceania (formerly IAF Australia-New Zealand)  

IAF US Region | IAF Canada
IAFNAC  2-5 May 2018, Ottawa, Canada   IAFNAC Conference 2018 
IAF Asia8-9 Sept 2018, Osaka, Japan      

IAF Europe & Middle East  IAF EME Conference 2019. Agile facilitation 2-4 May 2019, Milan, Italy Conference web site  
IAF Africa - 17-20 Oct 2018, Mombasa, Kenya
IAF Latin America & Caribbean 
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Last updated: 8 January 2020
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