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Whether as beginners or as facilitators with practice expanding, we often find ourselves wanting to 'freshen' up our act with new or different  resources, to see or hear of new perspectives and possibilities that we can apply or adapt in our own style.  Sometimes, in order to get started, we need a tip from a colleague who has tried something out and is happy to share their objective view with others.
This page is intended to assist connection with resources that AFN subscribers have found to be useful in practice.

These listings are not intended to offer a compendium of all resources that are available and users are encouraged to further enquiry.  They do not constitute endorsement or certification of the merit of any resource beyond that of the subscriber who has provided the information.  Users need to rely on their own judgement in pursuing any arrangement in regard to those resources.
The links on this page were correct and appropriate at time of posting.  No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy or appropriateness of information or content presented in any form on sites external to the AFN site.

AFN subscribers are invited to suggest other reviews of resources or links to resources  for posting - advise by email.  Posted resources need to be directly related to the practice of facilitation.  

Please advise by email if you find any links which are broken or incorrect or which lead to inappropriate content.  

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24 Dec 10
AFN resource: Books that have influenced our practice
Book list compliled by Andrew Rixon from a survey of AFN subscribers: 'What have been the books that have influenced your facilitation practice?'
Most-voted titles have links to Amazon (where possible).
External link to pdf
16 Feb 08
The Art of Facilitation
[fully revised]
Dale Hunter (2007)
Random House  NZ
A comprehensive and practical text in fully revised form from AFN stalwart Dale Hunter.  External link to information page, reviews  and ordering  
03 May 07
AFN Resource: Recommended reading about & for facilitation
Link to pdf; Reading resources about facilitation recommended by AFN subscribers
22 Oct 06
Shared eBook:
The Tao of holding space
Chris Corrigan (2006)

External link to pdf; 'It has received great reviews and should be checked out by anyone interested in Open Space!' - Andrew Rixon 
19 Oct 06
The wisdom of crowds: why the many are smarter than the few
James Surowiecki (2005) Abacus
ISBN 0 349 11605 9

Review by Ray Richmond


21 July 09
Strength Cards for Men and Life Story Cards for Men
Can be downloaded free of charge as a pdf and laminated for lifelong use.  Link to Groupwork Solutions
'Wonderful tools for group work with men...deepen reflections on situations people have experienced in life' - Andrew King 
21 July 09
Technology for using Open Space on line - real time conference software
Link to OpenSpace-Online
'Wonderful, award-winning technology...It is useful to be able to use  the self-organising principles integrated within this process - if it fits the purpose of the meeting...and guess what - we do ourselves out of a job - there's no need for a 'human' facilitator! - Brendan McKeague
10 May 09
Improvising games, icebreakers, warm-ups and intentional exercises, plus references and glossary  Link to Improv Encyclopedia
'Improvising games are an excellent way to create a sense of "group mind", energise a group or give them a way to interact differently.  This site is a great starting place for ideas.'  - Cindy Tonkin
28 January 09
Ideas and materials for facilitation and training
Link to Businessballs 
'Inspirational, innovative, ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates - free and fun'
10 Dec 08
Ice breakers and energisers
Link to
21 May 08
Grouping Cards - a set of cards with symbols, patterns and pictures, originally developed to sort people into groups but also useful for warm-ups, icebreakers, games etc
Link to Grouping Cards by Bellmetrics
Boxed kit includes cards, manual and games & activities booklet which is regularly updated for download.  Replacement cards available. 
28 Apr 08
AFN Resource:
Using technology for live communication between facilitators
Link to Word document  
Compiled for AFN subscribers by Stephen Thorpe
25 Apr 08
More about new technology - short videos in plain English to make complex ideas easy to understand 
Link to Common Craft ('Our product is explanation') (NC USA)
'...Paperworks a great example of how to combine high and low tech applications...'  - Viv McWaters
25 Apr 08
'23 things about modern technology'
- guidance on Web 2.0 and new technology which may be useful to facilitators 
Link to Learning 2.0 and 'The 23 Things'
'...a wonderful resource that teaches in plain English  what they are about & how to use them in an easy user friendly way' - Cheryl Gilroy
22 Feb 08
Numerous papers on language use in meetings & other workplace interactions by Janet Holmes and others at Victoria University, Wellington NZ
Link to the Language in the Workplace Project Holmes et al '...have focused on many different aspects of workplace discourse, such as humour, decision-making, conflict, disagreement etc, and have looked at the language of workplace leaders and meeting chairs in particular' - Sascha Rixon  
15 Feb 08
Resources for training games and interactive experiential strategies
'Freebies' include activities for Interactive Lectures
On-line newsletter available
Available at The Thiagi Group ('improving performance playfully') (IN USA)
Thiagi '...has made a life's work of finding ways to make the teaching-learning process active and interactive.  I've so often found JUST what I needed in one of his books, but since I've discovered his website, well...Fabulous!' - Ros Byrne
08 Feb 08
Free exercises and activities for workshops, training, coaching and meetings
Available at Workshop Exercises (MN USA)
You are also invited to contribute
08 Dec 07
AFN Resource:
Facilitation venues in Australia & New Zealand 
Link to Excel spreadsheet - updated from time to time 
Compiled initially by Max Hardy from AFN subscriber recommendations.  
27 Sep 07
Theories and practices of facilitators in Australia & New Zealand
Two articles by AFN subscriber Glyn Thomas setting out some findings of his research (final drafts; in press).  External link 1 to pdf; link 2 to pdf
07 Apr 07
Contracting with Clients - where do we draw the line?  
Collated outputs from a World Cafe process - Victorian Facilitators Network 28 Feb 07
Link to pdf  
'The energy generated and wisdom pooled was a delight.
Folks were so generous with their experience,
and the process enabled it all to unfold
in a fun filled atmosphere.'
- Ed Mc Kinley
03 Dec 06
A range of books, audio, video and other tools for nonviolent communication, including thought provoking articles  about 'the language of the heart' 
Available from the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CA USA) 
'A comprehensive site for a global organisation whose purpose is to offer training in using language to promote connection and  fulfillment in human affairs. Invaluable on every level!' - Jim Holt  

01 Nov 06

A great range of 'seriously optimistic card packs, books, stickers, posters and other resources that can change people's lives'  
Includes resources for team building, and for strengths-based approaches to community development  

Available from St Luke's Innovative Resources (Bendigo Vic).
 'I have several card sets , which are high quality, well designed and well packaged.' - Mark Butz
Some products also available from Lighthouse Resources (Runcorn Qld)
See also Selected Links for a wide range of Web-based resources, including toolkits.


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